Triple Spiral Center


What is The Triple Spiral Center?

The Triple Spiral Center is global learning mastery center offering awareness, teaching and wellness support  for individuals, groups and organizational teams with virtual and local events. The Center blends group and individual foundational learning packages for wholeness in mind, body, heart, spirit and emotions. Topics on Career, Personal Wellness, Lifestyle & Spirit are offered to help you successfully navigate transformations in these important areas.

The Triple Spiral Center creates a safe, loving sanctuary space and facilitates a wellness environment for souls to flourish and expand on their journey to inner wisdom and peace. The Triple Spiral Center supports life long learning and allows time for individuals to experience their inner voice.

The Triple Spiral Center infuses collaboration and contribution by bringing alignment, synergy, love, joy, power, kindness and truth to all guests, visitors, partners and customers.

What's Happening  at The Triple Spiral Center?

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