Triple Spiral Center

What is the behind the name of the Triple Spiral Center?

The Celtic triple spiral or triskele symbol is sometimes called the spiral of life and was found in the Newgrange site from the Bronze Age in Ireland. The triple spiral is an ancient symbol of Celtic beliefs, and was used consistently in Celtic art for 3 millennia.

The Celts believed that all life moved in eternal cycles, regenerating at each point. Celts also believed that all important things came in three phases; for example: birth, death and rebirth and mind, body and spirit.

The triple spiral later became the triskele used in Christian manuscripts. In neopagan religions, the triple spiral is also used to represent the triple goddess. Some people in the Goddess movement honor the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The independent and strong Maiden aspect of the Goddess sets an example for women to be independent and strong and gives them permission to sometimes put themselves first; the Mother aspect sets nurturing as a valued behavior; and the Crone aspect teaches to honor elders and to have the wisdom to know when change and transformation is necessary.(Starhawk 1979)

Still other sources of ethics in the Goddess movement are the understanding that humans are part of nature and that all life is an interconnected web, thus harming even a small part is to be avoided and may bring harm to the whole. The idea of partnership rather than domination as a goal for human societies leads those involved in the Goddess movement to place a high value on cooperation, shared leadership, and consensus-building.

Goddess theologian Carol P. Christ gives the following as what she calls ethical touchstones: "Nurture life; Walk in Love and Beauty; Trust the knowledge that comes through the body; Speak the truth about conflict, pain, and suffering; Take only what you need; Approach the taking of life with great restraint; Practice great generosity; Repair the web." (Christ 1997:167).

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Triskelion - Symbolic figure composed of three curved lines or branches or three stylized human arms or legs that radiate from a common center. Wherever you throw it, it lands on its feet.

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